Your Japanese and German Patent Translation Team

Patent Translations Inc. brings together linguists, multilingual scientists, patent agents and former examiners to provide definitive translations, on which you can rely with the utmost confidence.

The team is lead by Martin Cross, who has translated and edited thousands of patents over the course of two decades, and written extensively on the subject of patent translation. He is co-author of the American Translators Association's Patent Translator's Handbook and has been published in the New York Law Journal, Intellectual Property Today and the Westlaw Journal. He is a conference speaker on the subject of patent translation and has repeatedly served as an expert witness on Japanese to English translation in patent litigation matters before US courts.

Our long-held position as a leader in intellectual property translation has attracted exceptional talent, which allows us to bring the power of peer review and expert consensus to your translations. A biotechnology application for PCT filing can be translated by a scientist with a PhD in molecular biology and reviewed by a bilingual patent agent. A top linguist can consult with an experienced chemist when selecting the terminology to use in translating a piece of prior art. The wording on which an infringement case depends can be parsed and analyzed by native speakers of both languages to ensure maximum fidelity.

From quick informational translations, to expert witness and international filing support, our expertise is your edge.


I wanted to pass on my highest recommendation for the services of Patent Translations. They have been selected as a Cargill preferred provider for Japanese patent translation by a discriminating group of scientists. I have found that they do excellent and timely work, are competitively priced and are extremely customer focused!

-Linda Childers
Intellectual Asset Specialist, Cargill Group